Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson

Andrew JacksonBrain Wrinkling with Andrew Jackson, an Introduction to Andrew Jackson by Keith Hughes
(In 2012, YouTube teamed with the Khan Academy to identify 10 EDU Guru's.

Keith Hughes is one of those ten EDU Guru's.)

Note that the two links above are two different versions of the video about Andrew Jackson by Keith Hughes.


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  • Issues and Controversies in American History - Don't miss this one!
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
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  • World Book Web
  • Brittanica School Edition PreK-8

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  • Indian Removal Act
  • Trail of Tears
  • Nullification
  • National Bank
  • Tariff System
  • War of 1812
  • Battle of New Orleans
  • Spoils System

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‚ÄčAndrew Jackson Pathfinder - from ipl2 which is hosted by The iSchool at Drexel, College of Information Science and Technology, with major support from the College of Information at Florida State University.