Biography Pathfinder -- Be sure to get the Biography Bookmark guide in the library!

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  • bio = life
  • graph = writing
  • A biography is writing about someone’s life.
  • In the library, go to the 92’s for single biographies. Look for the letter of the person’s last name.
  • In the library, go to the 920’s for books with many biographies in one book about a group of people, like: African American Writers, First Ladies, Famous Baseball Players, etc. Find a book that might have your person. Use the index.

Print and Video Biographies

  • Use the World Book Encyclopedia. The index will help you find everything.
  • Use the library catalog to see if there are books or Safari Montage videos about your person.

African American Biographies

American Indian Biographies

Career-oriented Biographies

General Biographies

Hispanic History

President Biographies