Book Finding Strategies

Strategies for Finding a "Good" Book

The goal for this page is to help you:
  • find books you would like to read, and
  • avoid books you probably wouldn't like.

Along the way, I will include a few peeks at books you might find to be "good." Here is the first one:

messed_up.jpgMessed Up by Janet Nichols Lynch. The novel starts off with a cat fight on the first day of school. R. D. helps out a brand new teacher in his middle school and gets a 3 day suspension for his efforts. R. D. has had one bad break after another his whole life, so the suspension is no surprise to him. The "bad breaks" kick up a few notches beyond the ordinary that he deals with every day: gangs, no money, and Officer Mendez. Oh! And this is his second time through 8th grade. Will he continue to survive? Will he wind up with DHS (Department of Human Resources) in a foster group home? --Mrs. Edwards

Strategy #1
Ask lots of your friends for book recommendations. You will discover that some of your friends like the same kind of books you do. Remember which friends give recommendations you liked.