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Library of Congress - American Memory Civil War Pictures
Library of Congress - The Last Full Measure: Civil War Photographs from the Liljenquist Family Collection
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Library of Congress Civil War Poetry

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  • Biographies
    • Go to the 92's (under the flag). The books are arranged by the last name of the person you want the biography for. For example, if you want a book about George Washington Carver, you would go to 92 CAR.
    • Go the 920's (with the other non-fiction books). These books are about groups of people that have something in common. For example, you might find books about African American Inventors, Famous Women, Baseball players, and other groups of people. Usually each chapter is about a different person.
  • Reference books - Use the general and specialized encyclopedias, almanacs, and other reference books. Reference books are to be used in the library only. The idea is that you can always get your question answered because the reference books will always be available to you.

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  • Issues and Controversy in American History
  • U.S. History In Context
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