Geological Timeline Pathfinder


Print Resources -- encyclopedias, almanacs, library books and more

  • **Carver Library Catalog**
    • Click on Carver and then login
    • Try any of these keywords: geology, rocks, minerals
    • You can just go directly to the 550's and see what we have.
    • There may not be a whole book on a particular time in the geological time frame. You will find books with broader topics and use the index to find specific information.
  • Reference books - Use the general and specialized encyclopedias, almanacs, and other reference books. Reference books are to be used in the library only. The idea is that you can always get your question answered because the reference books will always be available to you.

Tulsa Public Schools Online Databases (Subscription Websites)

Keywords to consider: geology, geology timeline, geology time, the name of a specific time period in geological timeline
  • Nettrekker - This is a subscription search engine that finds free web sites for you. Free search engines (Google, Yahoo,, etc.) provide you with worthless to excellent sites, and you have to sort through thousands/millions of hits to find the quality sites. Nettrekker just provides you with the quality sites. It saves you time. It's efficient. (Limitation of Nettrekker: If your search has nothing to do with the curriculum, Nettrekker may not cover it.)
  • EBSCO Host Research Databases -- Choose Middle School Databases
  • Discovering Collection
  • Grolier Online Passport - There are seven online encyclopedias in this collection. You can search then all at once or choose the encyclopedia(s) that you think would be relevant and search them individually.
  • SIRS Discoverer

Streaming Video - Safari Montage

  • Your teacher can log on to Safari Montage for you.
  • Click on Playlists.
  • Click Geological Timeline Playlist.
  • Play the video you need

Free Web

You should always pay attention to who the author is of each site. Are they experts? Are they reliable?
If your information is correct, you should be able to get the same information from at least two reliable sites.