Image & Poster Generators

Word Picture Collage Generators

  • ShapeCollage (makes a collage of your photos)
  • Tagul Haven't done this. Just read about it. You must register to use it. It creates images out of words you provide, and each word is a link. You can eliminate common words. You also can choose the link for every word that appears. That would be tedious, but can be done.
  • Wordle- Note that Wordle has a new advanced way to create word collages. It is so much faster!
    • I saw a great tip for finding your Wordle creations again on from L. Sult. Here are the directions:
    • You need to choose a user name and always use it.
    • Later, you go into Wordle's url and add your username like this: Notice that the username in this case is anonymous.
    • I have tried using this pattern to search by title, but it didn't work.
    • Be sure to try the Advanced Wordle if you haven't yet. It is so much easier!
    • Also, if I have an original list of words that is going to be very long, I create the advanced pattern in Word first and then just copy and paste into Advanced Wordle.

Comic Animation Generators

  • GoAnimate Requires registering. If you want students to use this, you will have to decide how they should sign in.

Text Generators

  • Spell with Flickr- This is my favorite text generator.
  • Supalogo (quick logo generator) - Generates stylized text headings.
  • Spelling with Zombies-- Fun! Simple. Type in a word or phrase and it will be spelled out in Zombies. :)
  • Amaztype- Type in a word. Pictures of book covers come in and create the word in a constant video. If you want to save the word as a picture, you need to capture it as a picture with a separate application such as:
    • Jing
    • Snip It (If you have Vista)
    • Greenshot
  • txt2jpg - This is simple and easy to use.

Avatar Generators

Generator Tools

  • Screencasters

    • Jing

  • Photo Editors